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Lowflo are the market leaders in the detection of underground leaks in domestic central heating, water mains and Hot & Cold water systems. Using various non-intrusive acoustic devices, our tracer gas system and thermal imaging, Lowflo can accurately locate underground leaks. Most situations are usually solved within the initial 3hr to 4hr period, though this is purely dependent on the size of the leak.


Once the leak has been located Lowflo’s extensive plumbing experience means that we lift flooring, excavate and completely repair the leak. We pride ourselves on using the very latest leak detection techniques to locate and resolve problems. This ensures the minimum amount of disruption to you, your home & family.

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Central Heating Leak Detection

Central heating leaks are not only frustrating for home owners, they also cause water damage to the property and deterioration of your central heating system. The water leak detection methods Lowflo uses can locate central heating leaks and underfloor heating leaks whether an open vented system or a closed system. By employing Lowflo leak detection you can quickly identify the leak location before any excavation takes place. Our service reduces disruption to your home and minimises the costs of reinstatement. Once the leak repair is completed we can test the system to ensure no other leaks exist, giving the client peace of mind.

Mains Leak Detection

Currently Irish Water should repair any mains water leak for free on the First Fix Scheme. You must register with Irish Water to avail of the first fix free offer. CLICK on this Link to read more: Where Irish Water will not carry out the leak repair, Lowflo can oblige and find hidden leaks on lead, copper, iron, steel, asbestos and plastic water supply pipes. Using the latest leak detection technology, repair the leak and ensure you have no other leaks on your property.

Hot Water/Cold Water Leak Detection

Leaks on Cold Water and Hot Water systems can also be detected using the same methods. If the cold water storage tank is continually flowing or your pump is running continuously, this could indicate a leak on one of these systems, which Lowflo can detect accurately and with minimum disruption.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Lowflo provide Swimming Pool Leak Detection & Pool Pipe Repairs services. Our experienced team, equipped with the best technology in Swimming Pool Leak Detection available can deliver excellent results. Our expertise is well known across the country and we have located and repaired leaks on domestic pools & commercial pools all around Ireland. We are able to pin point pool leaks and in a most cases we repair the leak during our teams visit.

Leak Repair

With all types of Domestic Leaks, Lowflo can offer a complete services repairing any leak located. This will either be conducted during the survey or can be quoted once the leak detection survey is finished.

Acoustic Leak Detection

Simply listening for the hissing/rumbling noise emitted by the leak through the pipe network and surrounding floor the leak can be detected down to a square foot.

Trace Gas Method Leak Detection

For Trace Gas Leak Detection this involves pressurising the system with an inert non-toxic gas the gas will escape through the leak and rise to the floor surface to be traced using a “sniffer probe”. Traditionally plumbers would simply explore and dig numerous hole until water is located. Lowflo’s Tracer Gas method removes all the doubt and saves customers damaging tiling & wooden floors.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging cameras can see buried and hidden hot pipes and leakage. Normally, they provide information about where pipe runs are, rather than where a leak might be. Leaks can show as hot spot area where water has escaped.

Pressure Testing

This method enables the testing of different sections of a water system to see which part may be leaking. The test can then be re-done after any leak is fixed, to check the system is leak free. Pressure testing is often done over a time frame of several minutes, even hours, depending on the scale of the leak.

CCTV & Borescope Survey

In this method of leak detection CCTV and endoscopic cameras are used to great effect, having their own light source allowing clarity in hidden spaces. With our specialist equipment we can conduct visual inspections in hard to reach areas, this allows us to locate and diagnose issues with minimum disruption.

Pipe Tracing

Lowflo can accurately locate both metallic and non-metallic piping, including PVC, Copper, PE, cast-iron, steel and asbestos pipes. We use state-of-the-art tracing methods, meaning that work is non-invasive and results are quickly achieved. This usually means a combination of CAT and Genny, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Pulse Wave Generator devices. These technologies allow us the scan areas quickly and detect leaks on pipe networks.

Dye Testing Leak Detection

By injecting fluorescent dye into piping systems in pools, drains or water pipes leaks can be located and a remedy put in place to rectify the issue. Flourescent dyes do not dissolve in water ensuring accurate surveying and results.

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We Guarantee you will speak with one of our Engineers within 5 minutes.