Where utility maps prove to be inaccurate or don’t exist, Lowflo delivers a cost effective and comprehensive utility mapping service. Lowflo offers tailor-made packages to accommodate

every client with the use of electro-magnetic location equipment, ultrasonics and ground penetrating radars, delivering the locations of:

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Storm and Foul Drains
  • Telecoms

Once information is collected, detailed CAD drawings are produced enabling clients to share and retain site information easily. Pipe Location is an essential and often over-looked step in effective leak detection. Knowing the location of the pipe is crucial for many reasons such as: 

Key Benefits of Utility Mapping:

  • Reduced levels of cost, delay and risk when excavating and project planning
  • Improved levels of safety
  • Unnecessary excavation kept to a minimum
  • Disruption to road/other site users greatly reduced
  • Highly accurate data provided
  • Understanding your network
  • Conducting repairs and adjustments

Lowflo supplies several different types of underground pipe locating equipment designed to equip you with the latest technology to ensure the most accurate results.

Metallic Pipes

Lowflo supplies the hugely popular Cable Avoidance Tool (C.A.T.) from C. Scope, CAT 3 and CAT4. The C.A.T. is the most popular locator used in Ireland today and has proven itself to be invaluable tool in leak detection. For situations that require specific identification of particular pipes and noteworthy points Lowflo supplies a unit that identifies Electronic Markers placed in the ground to identify specific points. This is cutting edge technology and allows for advanced locating and mapping interfaces with GIS.

Non-metallic pipes

Lowflo uses a Pulse Wave Generator, manufactured by F.A.S.T and RD1000 by Radio Detection. Utilising acoustic technology, the pipes can be located with the help of a ground microphone system. Lowflo use GPR surveying (Ground Penetrating Radar), which can be very effective in locating non-metallic utilities.


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We Guarantee you will speak with one
of our Engineers within 5 minutes.