Leak Detection

Water leaks cost money and cause damage. Leaks can cost your business thousands of euros per year if gone unnoticed. Let Lowflo’s team of experts detect your underground leaks. Our technicians are trained to a high standard to efficiently detect leaks, recommend remedies, liaise with water providers (Irish Water & Local Authorities) and conduct repairs. Lowflo can also work closely with you to maximise potential refunds. Investing in the right people, Lowflo has grown from strength to strength over the last few years. Lowflo is finding leaks where all our competitors are failing. Just ask GSK, the HSE, Irish Rail, Pfizers and any of our customers – Testimonials. All this from structured training, a vast knowledge base and passion for what we do, Lowflo personnel can solve any of your water leaks. We are proud of what we do and like to keep our customers informed and help you understand the process of leak detection. Speak with one of our engineers in the next few minutes and we will guide you through the process.

All Lowflo vehicles are equipped with:

  • Ground Microphones & Correlators
  • Multi-pod Correlators
  • Noise Loggers
  • Step-testing equipment
  • LeakfinderTM
  • Hydrogen Gas Injection
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Inline CCTV and Acoustics
  • Pipe Locators (Plastic & Metallic)
  • Pipe repair kits

Once the leak is located and resolved, you may be able to avail of a Leak Rebate or Refund on your water bills, which could quickly pay for any work done any often much more. Lowflo has negotiated numerous refund and billing errors for clients across Ireland and the UK.


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Lowflo utilises experienced engineers to undertake repairs of all the leaks and water main defects that they locate on clients’ underground water mains. Leak repairs are always difficult, and continuity of business for their clients is paramount. Taking business, traffic and public safety into consideration, they conduct leak repairs swiftly, minimising impact on their clients’ businesses. Lowflo’s repair crews are professional, efficient, thorough and tidy.

All surrounding areas of the excavation sites are protected with safety barriers, and where depths become excessive, trench supports are used to ensure the safety of the team. Full reinstatement is completed once the repair is finalised and pressure tested.

As part of their repair service, Lowflo can undertake the repair or replacement of:

  • Fire Hydrants
  • Sluice Valves
  • Stop-Cocks
  • Water Meters
  • Central Heating Systems
  • Hot/Cold Water Piping

All waste material from their excavations are removed from site and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner, recycling waste where possible.

Domestic Leak Repairs

With Lowflo’s extensive experience, their plumbers can lift flooring, excavate and completely repair the leak with minimum disruption.

Lead Pipe Replacement

Where lead pipe exists supplying your home, it is recommended that they are replaced to prevent any health issues with you or your family. 

Lead can be present in drinking water. Lead piping, lead solder and lead-lined water tanks were commonly used in plumbing up to and including the 1970s, so some people may still be getting water through these older plumbing systems. Lead is a danger to health, especially for young children, pregnant women and babies fed on formula, so water for drinking and cooking should contain as little lead as possible. The legal level of lead in drinking water is 10 micrograms per litre.

Financial assistance is available in the form of tax relief from the Department of Housing.


Reporting Leaks

If you notice a leak on public property, this includes footpaths, roads, communal open spaces and public recreational facilities, use this form(https://www.water.ie/support/report-a-leak/) to report it. Alternatively, if you have a water leak on your own property, you can view the pipe responsibility document to find out who is responsible for fixing it. If you need more information about leaks on your property, please call Irish Water on 1850 278 278.


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We Guarantee you will speak with one of our Engineers within 5 minutes.